Lice Problem? Clean the clothes at 4th St Laundromat

One typical issue that many families face is dealing with an infestation of head lice, especially among school-aged children. This may be a tremendous annoyance and a tough problem to solve.

Aside from the head lice treatment that is required for people who have been infected, making sure that the laundry is done correctly and sterilized should assist to solve the problem. Most infected goods may be swiftly and effectively cleaned at your local Laundromat.

One of the factors that makes getting rid of head lice so tough is that the lice’s nits or eggs wind up getting into a variety of materials.


• Clothing and coats.
• Any of their hair accessories such as their headbands and hats.
• Towels they may have used to from washing their hair.
• Bedding.

The kids undoubtedly like lying on the couch. If you have throw pillows, they will also need to be laundered. Even stuffed animals and other items with which the youngsters come into touch should be washed or cleaned.

To launder these goods, simply sort them into their respective categories and launder them as usual. Whenever feasible, use the hottest water temperature unless it may harm the integrity of the goods being cleaned. Use a high-quality washing detergent and run the dryer on high heat if feasible.

If you have goods that cannot be washed in hot water, you may wish to presoak them in a top quality laundry detergent prior to cleaning them.

If there are some items that you just cannot clean, wrap them in a plastic bag, seal it firmly, and store it for a week. When you unzip the bag, vacuum the contents completely to ensure that all the dead lice and their eggs have been gone.

Another thing to keep in mind is that lice cannot survive in extremely low conditions, so if it is winter, you may bag the item and set it outside for approximately four hours, which may be beneficial in killing off the lice.

One issue with adult lice is that they may survive on their host for up to 30 days. They are busy depositing their eggs at this time. After the eggs are placed, they hatch 10 days later and mature 10 days later, restarting the cycle all over again. It has been reported that nits may survive away from the host for up to 10 days, however they cannot hatch at temperatures below 68°. This is what makes lice removal so tough. Having a high-quality laundromat, such as 4th Street Laundromat, will undoubtedly assist.

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