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Who we are

Customer Centric Laundry Company

At Pickupmywash, we provide our customers with convenient, high quality cleaning at a reasonable price.  we believe our attention to detail is a big reason why we’ve maintained our top ranking. We love our Frederick community 

Why Choose us

ideal service for your laundry needs

01. Schedule a pickup
02. Washing process
03. Dried & Neatly Folded
04. Ready to wear
Your Laundry Experts

Your safety is our priority

Eco Friendly

our washers use less water, energy & high efficiency detergent.
dryer take minutes to dry clothes

Rinse repeat

washing clothes in household of 4 can take up 10 hours of your loved ones time.call us once & Repeat

Highly Efficient Dryer

While household dryers take over an hour to dry, our efficient dryers take 20 minutes.

Steam Pressing

Formals need special care. As soon as they are dried we hang them up & do a quick steam press

Why we're the best

Amazing service. Competitive prices.

Our laundry cleaning service frees up time for you to do the things you enjoy. Fill your Wash and Fold Laundry bag with jeans, pants , tops, shorts, shirts, t-shirts,  skirts,  undergarments, socks, bedding, comforters, pillows, sneakers etc. We’ll clean your clothes and return them to you folded and ready to put in the drawer!
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+1(301) 660-9055

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Easy payment


We don’t believe in binding contracts and weekly minimums. Instead you are free to call us any day, week or month. 

Wash Dry and fold service

with Home Pickup & Delivery

when you call us, we schedule a time to pick up during the day.once we pick up, we bring the clothes back to the store and weigh them & generate an invoice

then we  sort, wash , dry & fold the clothes. eventually we neatly fold them & stack them. 

finally we wrap them in plastic bag & call you to receive payment and schedule a time for deliver. 

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