Perfect Clothes Washing Technique (Part 1 of 2)

There are several advantages to using a Laundromat for your laundry needs. The secret to great success while utilizing a Laundromat, such as our Laundromat Frederick, MD location, is to plan ahead of time to save time and money.

Laundry Routine Planning for the Laundromat
First, you should learn about your items’ washing needs. The typical method for sorting soiled clothes is to separate it into heaps of whites, colors, and darks. What you should actually do is examine the labels first to see what the materials are composed of and if there are any particular instructions. Simply doing so will help your garments last longer and achieve the washing outcomes that will help them preserve their fresh look. Sorting your clothes before you go to the Laundromat will save you time when you get there.

Next, look for a Laundromat facility that is local to you and easy to access. If your laundry hours are variable, look into what appears to be the busiest periods for the one you intend to use so you can avoid visiting there during these times.

The temperature of the water you choose is critical. Although it is preferable to use cold water whenever feasible since it is more ecologically friendly, there may be situations when you need to utilize alternative water temps. Cold water is ideal for fragile clothes or materials that shrink in higher temperatures. Warm water is typically the best way to clean synthetic textiles, and it is also good for lightly stained clothing.

When you must use hot water, it may be for highly dirty whites and colorfast clothing. Choosing the appropriate detergent may also have a huge impact on how you pick your water temperature. There are several wonderful detergents available now that function really well in chilly conditions. This might imply that if your whites are not significantly soiled, you will be able to wash them in cold water.

You might follow a basic sorting process by first separating by color into piles, then re-sorting these for the appropriate water temperature, then by moderate to badly dirty, and finally by delicate things. You may think this is going too far with laundry washing, but considering how much clothing cost nowadays, it’s worth taking a little additional time to give your garments the extra care they need.

You may even go the additional mile and segregate things that produce a lot of lint throughout the wash cycle. Towels, flannel pajamas, and fleece clothes are examples of such goods. If you have a lot of laundry to do, you will most likely have multiple heaps, so this is one method to put your sorting skills to work.

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